Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nuernberg Christmas Market

We also went to the Nuernberg Christmas Market this weekend. This one was completely outside and was a bunch of rows of booths together. This is one of the largest Christmas Markets in Germany and thousands of people come to it every year. We were there in the afternoon and it was already so crowded, I can't even imagine what it is like at night! This one wasn't our favorite just because it was so crowded. We were just running into people and it was difficult to be able to stop and look at the booths. The village of Nurenberg is extremely pretty though! It was still a lot of fun, the booths were full of great things, and was an amazing experience!

Walking to market! 

One of the beautiful churches in the village. 

This was another very pretty church. It was huge! 

German tinsel angel! 

Walking to the center of the market. Already so many people! 

Tyler and I eating our delicious Bratwursts. 

Giant German Nativity Scene.

These crepes were delicious! 

Our hot chocolate came in these cute bootie mugs, and we got to keep them! 

SO many booths!! 

The bratwurst booth! 

All of the booths were packed like this one! 

Rothenberg Christmas Market

We LOVED this Christmas Market. This village was absolutely gorgeous, it is one of the oldest villages in Germany and is very preserved and amazing! It is so much fun to walk through this little village. All the houses and buildings are connected with little roads and walkways in between. The market was in the center of the village and there were stores you could walk into and booths in the center of in the village that sold food and drinks and more Christmas decorations and treasures. Magical is a great word to describe this village and market, even though that is super cheesy! We would definitely go back to the village of Rothenberg! I took a bunch of pictures here so even though they don't even come close to doing justice of how beautiful it was, I hope they give you an idea! Enjoy! :)

That is the wall that goes all the way around Rothenberg enclosing it. 

Walking into the village.

All those buildings were different Christmas stores! 
A lot of the top levels were the homes of the people who owned the stores.

This dog sat on the mans shoulder while he played the accordion for hours. People went up to him and pet him and he never barked or moved, it was pretty impressive!  

Giant nutcracker! 

This was a giant church in the center of the village. this is only the end of it, it was massive!

The lady in the window of this building was Italian and she would constantly be yelling stuff in Italian and German. She would throw bags of candy down to people from her window and then ring a bell and yell some more and laugh! She was completely crazy and we had no idea what she was saying, but it was pretty entertaining! 

This is a famous part of what is called the "Romantic Road". 

One of the narrow walkways in between buildings. 

The market booths that were set up in the middle of the village. 

The center of the village at night. 

The Romantic Road lit up at night. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My 20th Birthday!

My 20th birthday was on Nov. 10th! Yippeeee I am no longer a teenager, although it feels weird to be this old! This was the first birthday of mine that me and Tyler have been able to spend together in 4 years! It was a great day and he spoiled me! We traveled about an hour and a half to a village called Darmstadt and went to Frankenstein's Castle. Yes it was the actual Frankenstein's castle, or at least the guy that the story of Frankenstein originated from. We watched an episode of Ghost Hunters where they went through this castle that is supposedly haunted, so it was pretty cool to know the story behind it and be where people thought they had heard or seen ghosts.

Frankenstein's Castle! It is mainly ruins now, but the chapel and two towers are still standing. 

The entrance and walkways up to the castle. 
The chapel. Many people claim to have heard and seen things inside of the chapel. 

This is one of the statues inside the castle. 
This is one of the towers still standing. It is said that there is a ghost inside of the tower that throws rock on people as they are walking under it because he is mad that they are at his castle. We didn't get hit with any rocks while we were walking under it, darn! 

This is the other smaller tower. This is the lab where he would take the bodies that he had dug up and he would do experiments on them here. 

Walking up to the laboratory tower. 

Inside the lab where he dissected bodies and performed experiments and witch craft. It was a little bit creepy in there! 

The view from the castle. It was super foggy that day which added nicely to the whole creepy effect of the castle! 

After the castle we headed back towards home and stopped in Landstuhl to eat. We ate at the Cockpit Lounge which is like a really nice steak and schnitzel place. It was delicious! We then headed home and Tyler gave me my present and made me a cake! It was a wonderful birthday and I am so glad I got to spend it with Tyler. I'm the luckiest girl! 

My present! I'm so excited for my mixer and can't wait to make lots of yummy food with it! 

The chocolate cake with chocolate frosting that Ty made! 

My boys singing me happy birthday! I love them! :)